prolegomena to a press

«…the kind of distinction that Freud made about the inner world of the mind –between say, what dreams appear to mean and what they really meant – now has to be applied to the outer world of reality. All the structures in it, flyers and motorways, office blocs and factories, are all part of this enormous novel.
Take a structure like a multistory carpark, one of the most mysterious buildings ever built. Is it a model for some strange psychological state, some kind of vision, glimpsed within its bizarre geometry? What effect does using these buildings have on us? Are the real myths of this century being written in terms of these huge unnoticed structures?
More exactly I think that new emotions, new feelings are being created –that technology is beginning to reach into our dreams and change our whole way of looking at things, of perceiving reality. That more and more it is drawing us away from contemplating ourselves to contemplating its world.»

the hospital, mi casa su casa


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