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To me, “flowtoys” are any objects that inspire movement, dance and exploration. I consider my bicycle, snowboard, skates and even my broom to be flowtoys, but most of my current designs are inspired by martial arts, dance, fire spinning, and other expressive movement cultures that are becoming increasingly popular.


But of the many motifs by which Beckett attempts to communicate his view of the struggle between the desire for movement and the desire to stay still, the vision of the bicycle (with or without its rider) is among the most penetrating and powerful.

menzies. beckett’s bicycles.

…Butler is not content to say that machines extend the organism, but asserts that they are really limbs and organs lying on the body without organs of a society, which men will appropriate according to their power and their wealth, and whose poverty deprives them as if they were mutilated organisms. For another, he is not content to say that organisms are machines, but asserts that they contain such an abundance of parts that they must be compared to very different parts of distinct machines, each relating to the others, engendered in combination with the others. […] He shatters the vitalist argument by calling in question the specific or personal unity of the organism, and the mechanist argument even more decisively, by calling in question the structural unity of the machine.

—d&g. anti-oedipus. p313.

The phenomenon of fireworks is protoypical for artworks, though because of its fleetingness and status as empty entertainment it has scarcely been acknowledged by theoretical consideration […]
It is not through a higher perfection that artworks separate from the fallibly existent but rather by becoming actual, like fireworks, incandescently in an expressive appearance. They are not only the other of the empirical world:  everything in them becomes other.

—adorno. aesthetic theory. p107.


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