Greek mētropolis ‘mother state,’ from mētēr, mētr- ‘mother’ + polis ‘city.’

1. residential neighborhoods with yards or soil plots use all available area for organic gardening for neighborhood consumption, which is financed by reduced supermarket produce purchasing.

2. all neighborhood children afterschool, weekends, during summer, etc. are gathered and separated from entertainment products and allowed to interest themselves autonomously, they are supervised by a neighborhood couple selected for leadership ability who are remunerated by households who would have paid for individual childcare services.

3. a citywide index of all residential real estate is taken and maintained calculating thermal insulation efficiency, which grants proportional rent reduction or vouchers to non-owning residents –this is financed by the “energy savings” generated by large institutionally deployed environmental technology such as green roofs.

dialectic?: decrease the cost of subsistence in one place, while increasing the standard of subsistence in another place; the individual pays less for what must be revealed as less, while society pays more for what must be revealed as more.

denoting the insisting state of inequality while expressing the subsisting event of equality?


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