these are my notes from optimism and everyday life with claire pentecost @ threewalls on 2009/11/05.

  1. 4 bargains of the apocalypse:
    a. sloanism: planned obsolescence
    1930s origin of post-fordism
    novelty for a class: avant-gardism
    b. cybertime
    c. vehicular space: mobilized personal space
    car and computer = agents of passivity
    d. semio-capitalism: image-commodity
    screen as external production
  2. no outside/inside of capitalism
  3. deep exteriority found anywhere, cracks
  4. public amateur: preaching to the choir = red herring
  5. detroit: largest urban agriculture
    stubborn optimism v. deterioration
  6. [ethico]aesthetics of repair, strategic
    quoted: deleuze, berlant, adorno, b.holmes
  7. holey space: ruskin lace, arabesque interlace [geometric vegetable], sloterdijk’s foam
  8. realm of values that specialties were designed to eliminate
  9. smooth publics: hinternet
    mess hall, continental drift
  10. attachments beyond the artistic career
    we’ll have to change our way of life
  11. primary research: ethnographic perception, field work
  12. sustaining energy beyond optimism
    desire = perseverance
    facticity v. accounting
    cardinal v. ordinal
  13. tyree guyton, heidelberg project

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