these are my viewing notes for we live in public @ i^3 on 2009/10/15.

  1. servants: slaves commanding slaves: late capitalism
  2. human zoo
  3. they need numbers to fill their business plans
  4. .com bubble, irrational financial growth, net worth, social factory, valorization
  5. party-thrower to find talent
  6. audiovisual: hester, guattari; capacity for groups to take hold of them, apply them in an appropriate way to reactivate a collective sensibility and intelligence, to make the equation media=passivity disappear
  7. media infrastructure: spectacle media-market: commodity-image
  8. “do whatever you want”: destroy what prevents creation, bacon’s cliches
  9. we’re in the “business of programming people lives”
  10. raised by tv, but resentful not joyful: alienated by his social adoption
  11. art as prophecy: ‘we’re making “cultural history”‘
  12. soon “our dreams will be programmed by others” = heteronomous society
  13. avatars
  14. oedipus: luvvy: gilligan character: harris’ mother
  15. “new boy in town –technology”; leroi-gourhan: gesture & speech
  16. social darwinism
  17. fame: legitimation desperation: capital is more powerful
    self-worth depends on viewership
    fame as “the wish to be loved” is oedipal: money is less reactionary
  18. detached form myself: joy of social strata /technical system
  19. madness: everyone’s mind, thoughts accompanying you
  20. social database
  21. they will disrobe if you have a camera: technocratic sovereignty
  22. deitch: americana = cults, heaven’s gate
  23. anthrophobia: insect
  24. “i don’t wanna fuck up b/c other people are fucking me up”
  25. don’t know how to deal w/ freedom
  26. public/private sphere; private ≠ intimate
  27. sex, with yourself, they’re in your fantasies
  28. big brother = collective unconscious
  29. manhattan = gated island
  30. everyone featured in we live in public is a commentator, journalist
  31. automate themselves
  32. surveillance is nothing: the future of
    pleasure: robotic music teachers, magnetic brain stimulation thwarts addictions, berry sweetens taste of sour food, touching across the web, micro-manage our olfactory conditions

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