my notes from Gæoudjiparl‘s performance lecture on radical computer music on 2009/11/06 @ i^3 hypermedia.

  1. computer : music :: : media : art
  2. utopia = dialogue w/ future alternative intelligence
  3. not ‘what can we do with it’, but rather ‘what can we give to it’
  4. puzzle the machine, speculative art; lewis carroll’s game [scientology]
  5. unthinkable for the binary mindset
  6. many networks are more complex than the internet: electrical, plumbing,…
  7. listen to nonhumans [latour]: overcoming human deafness to ‘speech’ [maieutic]
  8. my table talks
  9. ART-IFICIAL: nonhuman becoming of tekne
  10. documentation v. notation
  11. writing/speech, techne/vibration
  12. overdetermination of mickey mouse
  13. qualitative difference: mickey’s psychopathic character
  14. a brick of a point
  15. 4 challenges
    a. composer: not you or me, but us together. i do the musical experience, you write the notation. notate the relation b/t 2 objects/experiences
    b. time
    c. media
    d. notation
  16. nice ass staircase: delayed from present, parole, txt, phone, in-person afterwards
  17. media infrastructures require private id to communication
  18. A human, B human, C media infrastructure: AB=continuous; AC, BC =discrete
  19. the theorist will be less capable b/c the student spends less time talking/teaching
  20. university now burns books, fires free thinkers
  21. taste v. avant-gardism
  22. birds visualizing stock market changes
  23. intensive: determinable, dangerous, don’t know where it ends, what could happen, blue monday pre-release, in control of something uncontrollable, = expectancy
  24. taste: content :: [sufficient] reason : form
  25. raise questions w/o solutions
  26. consider this [performance/lecture] a tool
  27. instrument/voice, tone, motif, song, album, oeuvre, career, movement,

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