double overdetermination

‘kids want discipline’, maxim or wisdom…
the fundamental gesture of society may be: ‘newborn, we will not defer to your sovereignty as a bundle of potential, this is the one point at which we tell you what you want.’
is not the idea of desire-production this: no matter how bad things get, society will never revolt because this is what they desire, their own repression. therefore, what right do we have to tell society that what it desires, it ought not to? maybe reason alone, but for whom, the absolute idealist, the absolute materialist, the transcendental empiricist, the historical materialist, …?

*while searching for an image of these thoughts i came across this babymv that realizes my intuition of social infantilization –from stress-free kids books to parents asking their children for permission to discipline them, all and more summed up in in this radio miss lyric: “they say we’re too young to get ourselves sprung”.


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