missed dara birnbaum‘s absence from the screening of her 70’s mashup video work. technology/transformation: wonder woman, 1978-79 sunk its teeth into me in an UG art/marxist course and still blows me away.

hit counter-cartographies collective @ biblioteca popular:

  1. geographic information system,, openlayers, jumpUgis, quantumgis, comma separated values, openstreetmap, walkingpapers, food atlas
  2. missing = qualitative maps
  3. image/word, visibility/sayability, content/expression, geographer/geometer, map/proposition, extensive/intensive, state/indigenous
  4. business omnipresence –> generalized real estate agents
  5. UIC grad program in urban planning
  6. dennis wood: making maps
  7. capillary form of power; biopower: police enforcing zoe/bios
  8. data imposes racial categories deeply: do you speak x? do you have shoes?
  9. qualitative –> types :

hit the pink line:
intoxication/delirium is a prohibited means. look at all those busy humans. what are you doing to better humanity? adding to a greater future? saving lives? you are all creatures of enjoyment. this is the meaning of work = leisure. all your busyness is really modulated pleasure, bodies encrusted with medals.


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