cities on speed

Philosopher and mathematician
Negotiates conflict resolution with youth agitators
Moons unruly assembly
Runs for mayor, brawls at a political caucus
Wins Bogotá mayorship without a political party
Fires entire traffic police force
Hires mimes, closes bars at 1am, collects trash in costume
Garners extra taxes from wealthy
Orders men to care for house and children on Woman’s Night
Throws water instead of fist in colleague’s face
Encourages kids to use domestic abuse hotline
Deploys Visine crime vaccination
Confiscates weapons to melt down for cutlery
Improves homicide and fatality rates, extends plumbing, electricity
Attempts to abolish cars in city of 7m+
Builds schools, libraries, parks, public trans, bike infrastructure
Forms new Green Party with competing candidates
May be Columbia’s new president…

Antanas Mockus
Academic Turns City Into Social Experiment

All the Harvard Gazette’s talk of Douglass North and Jürgen Habermas warms the bourgeois heart and recalls the question –why are academics liberal?

I always find it intriguing that conservatives that denounce liberal academia seem to believe that this political persuasion precedes the research of academics, biasing it, rather than seeing that it arises from this exact research and the historical, anthropological, and sociological awareness it engenders. —larvalsubjects.


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