If the rearview mirror is corresponds to the actual passing of any present situation (Chronos), does then the windscreen corresponds to the to-come that is never present (Aion)?

‘Dromos’ from the Greek word to race (Virilio 1977:47). Meaning: the ‘science (or logic) of speed’. Dromology is important when considering the structuring of society in relation to warfare and modern media. He notes that the speed at which something happens may change its essential nature, and that which moves with speed quickly comes to dominate that which is slower. ‘Whoever controls the territory possesses it. Possession of territory is not primarily about laws and contracts, but first and foremost a matter of movement and circulation.’

Internet becomes a simulated territory we traverse via computer-modem roadster in which the computer screen replaces the windscreen. Baudrillard, following Barthes, notes how easily motion can transform into a visual experience in which the driver-viewer interacts with images, rather than with the physical world (Ecstasy 13).


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