dead american woman

An interpretation of the film in which the roles represent the relation between the actors (persons including the audience) and the characters (the narrative elements):
Virginia Slim as the Director
Daddy/Daughter as the Cinematographer
Happy as the Artist
Demons as the Aesthetes
Virginia Slim’s repressed lesbianism as the Filmmaker/Director’s artistic cynicism

Other assets of the film documented from post-screening discussion:
The flat motive-driven characters were not limited to their depth or authenticity, so they could become representatives of action without introspection. Such a film ought to present only different aspects of the same totality, insofar as true conflict is intra-directional –’an obstacle represents at least two forces pitted against each other but they are no less coordinated’. The symbolic characters existed as functions without being flippant or overemotional.

On the relation between our Depressive Society and the Dead Mother


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