I want to make all my art out of these materials:

And document everything with these:

P.S. Probably supplemented with erotica.



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4 responses to “boring

  1. A friend of mine actually does make all of her work from a Uline catalog:
    It be fun to see it with the erotica mixed in.

  2. tara

    Is the red box for the erotica? Easy to find!

  3. zzttpp

    Thanks for sharing, I’m always for discovering artists and promoting the work of friends, the Uline correspondence is icing. Initially I imagined distribution infrastructures and file management as an artform, but your comment highlights the multifariousness of these materials. I hate to compare on the basis of resemblance and I’m sure Marie’s bored by the association, but the work of Tara Donovan comes to my mind. Perhaps a commonality is what I’ve injudicious called ‘accretion art’. Its possible themes I’m dimly conscious of include the sacralization of profane materials, art beauty that provokes a turning towards nature, the operation of scale within landscape… Any interpretative insights are appreciated.

    Scarlet Binder – on the button of legalism, sin, and the remainder.
    If you haven’t yet, check out Tara’s work:

    • tara

      Tara Donavan’s work was striking, and quite gorgeous. I really appreciated the feeling of catching a glimpse of alternate landscapes. The pvc piping and bottle tops in one of Marie Kennedy’s pieces reminded me of watching my two toddlers and the discovery and play that comes along with the chance to manipulate two separate and not necessarily related objects.

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