phase transitions and the individual arts

I call architecture frozen music. ā€“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (referencing Friedrich von Schelling’s Philosophy of Art).

I call architecture frozen music.
I call sculpture melted poetry.
I call painting vaporized drama.
I call music condensed architecture.
I call poetry sublimated sculpture.
I call drama deposited painting.

I call sculpture frozen painting.
I call painting melted music.
I call music vaporized poetry.
I call poetry condensed drama.
I call drama sublimated architecture.
I call architecture deposited sculpture.

I call painting frozen sculpture.
I call music melted painting.
I call poetry vaporized music.
I call drama condensed poetry.
I call architecture sublimated drama.
I call sculpture deposited architecture.

I call music frozen architecture.
I call poetry melted sculpture.
I call drama vaporized painting.
I call architecture condensed music.
I call sculpture sublimated poetry.
I call painting deposited drama.

I call poetry frozen drama.
I call drama melted architecture.
I call architecture vaporized sculpture.
I call sculpture condensed painting.
I call painting sublimated music.
I call music deposited poetry.

I call drama frozen poetry.
I call architecture melted drama.
I call sculpture vaporized architecture.
I call painting condensed sculpture.
I call music sublimated painting.
I call poetry deposited music.



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2 responses to “phase transitions and the individual arts

  1. tara

    I even like the flowing architecture of the outer side of the stanzas. After seeing the cycle displayed above it reminded me of the objects that are called wheels that have little pocket windows in them and you turn it to get a different answer depending.

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