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what if what I desire I already possess? –mimicry and performance

Every portion of matter can be thought of as a garden full of plants or a pond full of fish. But every branch of the plant, every part of the animal (every drop of its vital fluids, even) is another such garden or pond. –GW Leibniz. 1714.Monadology. §67.


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Guo Xi: 山水手卷

clouded leopard

Characters can only exist, and the author can only create them, because they do not perceive but have passed into the landscape and are themselves part of the compound of sensations. Ahab really does have perceptions of the sea, but only because he has entered into a relationship with Moby Dick that makes him a becoming-whale and forms a compound of sensations that no longer needs anyone: ocean. It is Mrs. Dalloway who perceives the town – but because she has passed into the town like “a knife through everything” and becomes imperceptible herself. Affects are precisely these nonhuman becomings of man, just as percepts – including the town – are nonhuman landscapes of nature. –Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari. What is Philosophy? p169.

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On 2011/10/27 Jessica Stockholder presented her work in an artist talk at the University of Chicago.

Indoor Lighting For My Father, 1988

Skin Toned Garden Mapping, 1991

Growing Rock Candy Mountain Grasses Canned Sand, 1992

Gelatinous Too Dry, 2000

Wide Eyes Smear Here Dear, 2009

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