1. (2012/03/15 R.H. Quaytman @ Art Institute of Chicago)

every picture is a page belonging to a chapter.
every picture has the dimensions of one of six sequential areas of a fibonacci spiral.
representation(s) of the pictures’ side-edge may be superimposed on the image (stacked/leaning/…).
a picture may be re-pictured (modified) on another page.
lines may be torn in the image.
the image may be drawn with ‘diamond dust’.
the sequence of pictures in a chapter may be reordered.
the anti-narrative that the sequence of pictures/chapters tells is not pre-determined, may be discovered/re-fabulated.

2. (2012/03/15 Sara Ludy @ Gene Siskel Film Center)

passage between inside & outside, thresholds & postures.
anti-garden, simulated landscape-architecture.
disorientation, zooming, cropping, panning, layering.
software extended, embedded, embodied.
haptic abstractionism, inter-body-glitch.
window, framing; panes repeating into depth, centrifugal vision.
abode, circuiting/prowling, vacation (snapshots), encyclopedic tourist.


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